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O.K. so I have a section on guitar types and the world of guitars, pretty broad right? What I will not do is bore you with a classroom discussion, on the above, that most of you can just "Google." But I will touch base on areas that will be helpful to you in your knowledge of the guitar, its history, playability, its woods and so on and so forth. Remember these are my words and opinions, not an exact English or history lesson, so let's have some fun and get going!

Let's start with probably the most important factor for the sound of the guitar, its shape. The acoustic guitar acts like a pump moving the air within its body (resonates) and moves the vibrating air out of the sound hole creating the sound or tone. Roughly 80% of that sound depends on the guitar soundboard (top) and its bracing pattern. The remaining 20% comes from the back and sides. But the shape of the guitar will give the player that distinctive feel, balance, tone and volume that defines the thumbs up or down to the potential owner.

With that in mind, the most popular and traditional body shape is the dreadnought. Named after the British battleship H.M.S. Dreadnought, for its large size, and introduced by Martin Guitars with their D-28 model in 1931. Known for its large shape, big bass response and volume, the dreadnought comes in two shapes, square and round shouldered. Check out the Martin D-28 and the Gibson J-45 for two great popular examples of the square and round shouldered shapes respectively. Big time players from past and present such as Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Stephen Stills, Sheryl Crow, Tom Petty and many others are known for their signature dreadnought models. One last note on dreadnoughts is that every major manufacturer produces some version of the dreadnought shape from entry level to high end models.

Look for information here soon!

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